See and Know What's Built, From the Site

Consult and update BIM models and construction planning directly from the site


See and Know What's Built, From the Site

Consult and update BIM models and construction planning directly from the site

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Construction Data Management

Transformative Benefits

Streamlined job site progress reporting for cost savings, ease of use, and enhanced decision-making


Reduces the number of BIM software licenses

Ease of use

Simple interface for non-tech and non-BIM users

Real-time job site reporting

Instant updates from the work front for quick decision-making and progress billing in minutes

Data visualisation with BIM

See your Excel data with your BIM model seamlessly

Integration & Updates

Effortless Integration

Connecting Excel & BIM models in a single platform


Intuitive Reporting

Let your supervisor report work progress from the construction site with our user-friendly interface, designed for smooth and efficient collaboration in real-time

Effortless use for all team members

Real-time data sharing

Collaborative decision-making

Discover Our Advanced Features

Unlock powerful functionalities to transform your construction projects

Excel & BIM Model Interaction

Easily collaborate, visualize, and interact with project components on-site

Export to Excel/CSV

Take a snapshot to share with others or import on your ERP platforms


Real-time notifications

Receive notifications about new changes so you don’t miss any info.

Personalised AI Assistant

Ask your personal data analyst to extract insights, slice the model, or even personalised changes to the data.

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Construction Project Success

Sébastien Roux

Head of BIM & VDC @ Limsen Consulting

"Reduced software expenses while increasing data accuracy - a game changer."

Ricardo Costa

Production Manager @ Estrela do Norte

"This platform simplified our reporting process, saving us time and resources."

Pedro Ferreirinha

Architect & VDC Manager @ HCI Construções

"Zumer helped us digitalise our construction planning."

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Custom Pricing

Everything on the right plus...

Custom development

Support BIM and digital transition

Unlimited Users

Real-time Reporting

Integration with Excel and BIM

AI Assistant

Data Submission and Approval

Data Export

Dedicated Support

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